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Horrible Forklift Accident

Working on tons of job sites over the years I’ve seen my fair share of stupid accidents but we never usually get video of it. Here I was in LA when I witnessed this horrific event. There are a couple of call-outs here in this video I’d like to talk about.

First, the guy who got plowed is just standing there on the ramp dicking around. WTF are you waiting for dude? Oh yeah, to get ran over by a forklift.

Second, the guy driving the forklift was driving with an obstructed view. Essentially driving while not being able to see what was in front of him. He’s at fault as well.

Forklifts assist in the transportation of heavy materials in factories, construction sites and many other such places. Sadly, every year over 100 workers die as a result of forklift accidents. In this case, the dude on the ramp didn’t die, but he still got jacked. Many workers, who die under such circumstances, either get hit by heavy materials, get hit by the forklift or fall off a forklift. Forklift training is therefore essential in minimizing the number of people who die as a result of forklift related accidents. With proper training and a little experience operating a forklift becomes safe. Therefore there is an absolute need for forklift operators to undergo training before being allowed to use the machinery.

How to avoid forklift related accidents

In this case. Stay the fuck off the loading ramp. A large percentage of forklift related deaths and injuries can be attributed to carelessness in the usage of forklifts or people just simply not paying attention. Blue spot forklift safety lights or “forklift blue lights” can give pedestrians a heads up that a forklift is approaching. Thus to avoid forklift accidents, care has to be exercised. In addition, forklift operators are advised to consider a number of important factors when using forklifts. First is the carrying capacity of a forklift. A forklift that is carrying more than its carrying capacity will be prone to causing fatal accidents. Second factor to consider is the nature of the load being carried and whether or not it has any odd features. Thirdly, the condition of the forklift-whether or not the forklift is damaged. A damaged forklift is more likely to cause accidents than a properly functioning one. The last factor to consider is the path to be used for transporting materials from their point of origin to their intended destination. It is important to avoid paths that have bumps, ramps, cross aisle, people or are narrow.

Forklift safety guidelines

Many people sustain injuries due to their ignorance of forklift safety rules. These rules are essential when operating a forklift. Some of the rules are;

1. A safe distance should be maintained when following other forklifts, a distance of about three cars apart is recommended.

2. When driving a forklift the load should be six or eight inches from the ground and slightly tilted back.

3.  Sharp turns should be avoided, where possible

4.  The load should always be stable and secure to avoid falling off.

5.  A forklift operator’s arms and legs should be within the confines of the forklift at all times (I’ve seen a guy have his finger almost completely severed off getting it caught between the forklift and a steel shelf… Not pretty).

These are some of the basic safety rules that should be adhered to when operating a forklift.

Forklift safety rules or guideline may vary based on the setting of usage. In most cases factories will set a speed limit for all forklifts operating inside. It is important for all forklift operators to adhere to these speed limits at all times. Statistics show that a large percentage of forklift accidents are man made and are normally as a result of ignoring the some of the safety rules outline in the previous paragraph. To avoid more deaths, there is need for all prospective forklift operators to go through Forklift training. If you are a company and are going to be ramping up forklift usage you may want to get a “train the trainer forklift certification” package from Forklift Training Systems. I can’t recommend those guys enough. The latter training will impart your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge required in the operation of a forklift including the safety rules that govern forklift usage.

Alright people, enough rantin’. Let’s be safe out there!

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